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Keep your new smile for a lifetime! Teeth can shift in everyone throughout life regardless of how well the teeth are aligned or whether an individual’s teeth are naturally or orthodontically straight. As we get older, our body continuously changes and our teeth are no exception. Usually these changes will be within normal limits and should be expected. The goal of retention is to minimize changes and maintain the functional alignment you have achieved with your orthodontic treatment. Continued wear of your retainers will minimize these long-term changes. When retainers are not worn properly or as prescribed shifting can occur beyond these normal limits then costs for additional orthodontic treatment can occur.

Always bring your retainers with you for your appointments. If your retainer is lost or broken, please call us immediately. Again, if you do not have your retainers your teeth will move back. Replacement retainers cost $95.00 each if your teeth have not moved.

Retainer Wearing Time and Appointments- The retainers must be worn as prescribed by Dr. Bradley and her staff. Removable retainers must be worn every night for at least 8-10 hours for the first year…minimally!! Dr. Bradley may increase your individual wear time, if needed. If you miss a night, wear your retainer FULL TIME. Make sure your retainer is completely in, this may cause your teeth to be sore but they should realign. If they don’t, call our office immediately. After the first year Dr Bradley typically reduces the required wear time to nighttime wear (1 to 3nights per week), or wear as needed.

Fees During Retention- In most cases the initial retention appliances are included in the original treatment fee and we anticipate approximately 3 to 4 routine retention visits provided on a complimentary basis, generally falling within 18 to 24 months after the braces are removed. There will be charges associated with lost retainers, retainers needing repair, replacement retainers or additional orthodontic treatment needed due to lack of wear and excessive shifting, and any additional treatment due to excessive facial or jaw growth.

Care and Maintenance of Your Retainers- removed your retainers with two fingers (thumb for the bottom retainer), begin in the back and then move forward. Clean your retainers daily with a toothbrush. Hold the retainer with only two fingers while cleaning. Do NOT place it in the palm of your hand, you will squeeze and crack the retainer in half. Do not place your retainer in hot water or near any type of heat source (edge of sink where hair dryers used, nightstand with light, etc) as this will warp the retainer. When your retainers are not in your mouth they need to be in your retainer case. Do not leave your retainers lying around the house as pets love to chew on them. Do not wrap them in a papertowel…you WILL accidentally throw them away. It is your responsibility to take care of your retainers. If for any reason your retainers are irritating your mouth, don’t try to adjust them yourself. Contact our office.