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                             Understanding Your Palatal Expander


A Palatal Expander is an appliance that is custom made for you. It fits in the roof of your mouth and is cemented in place. This appliance will widen the roof of your mouth (palate), to help improve and correct the way your upper and lower jaws fit/bite together. Although the expansion will occur within the first few weeks of having the expander, the expander will remain in your mouth for about 3 to 4 months.

Symptoms to Expect…

-Talking, swallowing and chewing to sound and feel awkward for the first few days.

-The patient will feel pressure over the bridge of the nose when the key is activated.

-Spend more time brushing to insure a clean expander.

-A space may form in between your 2 front teeth. The space is temporary and will close when expansion is completed.

-Soreness of your tongue.

Activating Your Palatal Expander

-You will use the blue key to turn the expander.

-There is a hole at the front of the expander that the tip of the blue key will fit into.

-Fully insert key and then push so that the hole begins to turn toward the back of the patient’s mouth.

-When you can see a new hole open, then you have completed the turn, and you will let the key fall out of the hole that is now in back.

-Always turn key from front to back of patients mouth.

-Never pull forward on key to remove as this may cause the expansion to reverse.