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                                                                                        New Patients

First visit 

Your new patient evaluation will give you the opportunity to meet our team, tour our office and receive a complete orthodontic examination.  The orthodontic exam will include a review of your dental and medical history forms, a panoramic x-ray and photos of the patient’s face and teeth.  Using these initial records, Dr. Bradley will review if orthodontic treatment is necessary, an estimate of the treatment time and an exact cost.  Financial options for spreading this fee over the estimated treatment period can be obtained at this time.  With all of this information and the photos to take home that day, a decision can be made whether to proceed with treatment.  If you chose to receive orthodontic treatment with our office, the next step would be to complete the accumulation of diagnostic records with a cephalometric x-ray and impressions of the patient’s teeth.  With the additional records, Dr. Bradley can confirm the initial diagnosis and devise a complete treatment plan. 

Financial info 

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the patient’s individual needs and the treatment option selected by the patient. Our office offers a variety of financial options to make investing in your (or your child’s) smile easier and more convenient.  The options offered include the following:

Payment in full with cash, check or cashier’s check at the time of treatment gets a 5% discount depending on the treatment. 

An in-office payment plan which requires a down payment at the start of treatment followed by monthly payments, which may be extended over the treatment time period and are due at on the first of each month.

Care Credit–No initial fee payment plan.  This plan does not require a down payment and payments may be extended up to 60 months.  Depending on the payment option you choose, it could be interest free or have a minimal finance charge.  Payments are made directly to Care Credit.

** Our practice accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans.  **

Insurance is currently filed as a courtesy for you by our office.  Please understand that all financial arrangements are with you and not your insurance company.  You are ultimately responsible for payment for the services which you receive.


Important insurance information  

Neither our office or Dr. Bradley will appear in your network of providers.  However, 99.7% of our patients still receive their FULL orthodontic benefit.  Orthodontic insurance benefits are very different from your typical medical or dental benefits; they are offered as a lifetime maximum not as an annual maximum, like general dental visits . 

Insurance benefits can seem confusing.  Jenny, our financial coordinator, will verify your complete insurance benefit and terms for you.  If you provide your insurance information while scheduling your new patient exam, Jenny will have your complete benefit defined for you at the time of your new patient exam.  Jenny will take the benefit information provided by your insurance company; she translates that information to you and will then show you exactly how your benefit applies to the different payment options provided by our office.